Yvan Satgé

Speaker Details
  • David's passion for bird migration, and the emergent technology used to study it, cannot be overemphasized; and if you’ve seen him talk you know how infectious this passion can be. In 2019 David began a new career with Cellular Tracking Technologies, a high-tech company pushing the boundaries of what is possible in wildlife tracking. As the Director of Global Market Development, David is responsible for helping bird observatories and other entities around the globe design and implement cutting-edge wildlife tracking infrastructure, and deploy the next generation of tracking technology. For the five years prior David was the director of New Jersey Audubon’s Cape May Bird Observatory (http://birdcapemay.org) where his responsibilities included monitoring migration at one of the world's most important migration concentration points, with long-term research of raptor, waterbird, songbirds and butterfly migration engrained in the DNA of the observatory. Prior to his position with CMBO, David was a Product Specialist for Leica Sport Optics where he developed the Leica Birding Team and continues to be a Leica Pro Staff member today. Over the last 17 years David has conducted research on endangered species management of the Cape Sable Seaside Sparrow, fire ecology of the Florida Everglades, the use of radar to quantify stopover habitat for migratory birds, and the use of long-term datasets to detect meaningful change in wildlife populations.