Tamara Montenegro

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  • Tamara Montenegro

    Tamara Montenegro, also known as NAOBA, is a pioneer sound artist, singer & DJ who leads the organic downtempo and global bass scene in Centroamérica and represents ancestral and multicultural music on the world stage. 


    Tamara is a visionary multi-faceted artist and creator working in the fields of experience design, music, environment,  film, performance and psychoacoustics research.


    As a very creative prolific music producer with over 20+ Ep, singles and albums NAOBA’s electroethnic research combines a wide range of archeological and ancestral instrumentation of mesoamerica, as well as world rhythms and global bass in her unique style of productions. Her organic downtempo and uptempo sound is full and rich with grounding grooves and soulful melodies.


    NAOBA’s musical journeys conjure expansive, multicultural universes to have dance floors with no boundaries, dreaming deep into the rainforest illuminated by ceremonial fires. 

    Her music is found on different labels such as Shika Shika, Fértil Discos, Buddha Bar, Lump Records, Agami Records, Mazukamba, Random Collective, LatAmBeats, her very own UUCHUL Music, and soon on Cosmovision Records.


    Her current music projects include remixing Sister Stone, San Ignacio and new material coming out on NUMA Medicine Music in the next weeks.


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