Gina Kent

Speaker Details
  • Gina Kent is a Senior Conservation Scientist for the non-profit Avian Research and Conservation Institute (ARCI). For her M.S in biology from Georgia Southern University, she combined the use of VHF and satellite transmitters to study the stopover ecology of migrating Swallow-tailed Kites in Cuba and the Yucatan Peninsula. She has worked with ARCI since 2000 on survival, breeding ecology, habitat use, winter range, and migratory studies of raptors, magnificent frigatebirds, wading birds, white-crowned pigeons, and mangrove cuckoo with the use of tracking technologies. Many of the birds she studies move between Florida and the Caribbean, or migrate through Mexico, Central, and South America. In the process of tagging over 800 individual birds of 23 species ARCI has developed novel ways to safely trap and attach transmitters to several species. Gina has personally attached tracking devices to more than 600 individual birds of 16 species.