Eduardo Llegus

Speaker Details
  • Eduardo Llegus is a doctoral student in environmental public health with experience in biomedical research, environmental education, conservation strategies and interdisciplinary social projects. He has a Bachelor’s in Biology Biomedicine and a Master’s degree in Environmental Health from the University of Puerto Rico. He founded the organization, “Organización Reverdece y Educa tu Comunidad” (OREC), Inc., a non-profit project dedicated to reforestation and environmental education in communities in Puerto Rico.

    Currently, Eduardo is the Regional Coordinator of the Caribbean Endemic Bird Festival (CEBF), working with a team of bird educators and coordinators across the West Indies to create awareness about the importance of conserving birds and their habitats. Eduardo’s first BirdsCaribbean conference was in Cuba 2017, where he met the extraordinary team of BirdsCaribbean. He loves urban gardening, camping in the woods, interacting with people, birdwatching, and collaborating on issues related to the interaction of humans with their environment.

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October 7, 2021