Dr. Lisa Davenport

Speaker Details
  • Dr. Davenport is a Research Scientist in the Department of Biology and the Museum of Natural History at University of Florida, Gainesville. She also has a yearly association as a Research Fellow with the College of Marine and Environmental Sciences at James Cook University, in Cairns, Australia. Dr. Davenport been working for >20 years on studies of animal behavior, ecology and limnology in the tropics, including with otters, elephants, birds, and oxbow lake ecology. In the course of this work, she has led or co-led expeditions in many countries, including in Peru, Brazil, Gabon, and in northern peninsular Malaysia. Recently she has been concentrating on studying intra-tropical migration in South American birds, and managing 6 collaborative teams in several South American rivers, including the Manu River (Peru), the Araguaia, Rio Branco and Juruá rivers in Brazil, and Casanare, Colombia. She is a National Geographic Explorer, an active councilor with the Association for Tropical Biology, and a co-founder of the Juruá Institute in Manaus, Brazil. She is also a founding member of ParksWatch, an organization concerned with preserving the integrity of "paper parks" around the world.