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About The Festival
Youth, Families, and Schools

In 2021, we offer a special day for youth of all ages and their schools. Activities, presentations, and the chance to stump the bird experts are just a few of the opportunities.

Culture and Art

Song and art are a feature this year. We will lift our voices, both from the birds and people across the Western Hemisphere, in celebration of migration.

Workshops and Speakers

Join our speakers and mini-workshops to explore how birds sing, fly, and soar. We will also share simple ways to begin birdwatching and to help protect birds as they travel.

Stump the Experts

Do you have a question for the experts? Send in your short video with your question, and we'll bring on an expert to answer it!

World Migratory Bird Day 2021 invites you to Sing, Fly, Soar – Like a Bird! This year we celebrate the freedom of birds, the beauty of their songs, and the spectacular phenomenon of their migrations. Through our virtual programming and education materials, you can reach your community and engage them in learning about birds and their conservation. We’ll take you to sites where they stop to rest and refuel and to the places where they breed. Join us!

April 23 to May 8 2021
The Program

All times are in Eastern Time

Join our Book Club for an exhilarating exploration of the science and wonder of global bird migration. In the past two decades, our understanding of the navigational and physiological feats that enable birds to cross immense oceans, fly above the highest mountains, or remain in unbroken flight for months at a stretch has exploded. What we’ve learned of these key migrations—how billions of birds circumnavigate the globe, flying tens of thousands of miles between hemispheres on an annual basis—is nothing short of extraordinary.

About the author: Scott Weidensaul is a Pennsylvania-based naturalist and author. He was a finalist for the 2000 Pulitzer Prize in general nonfiction for his book Living on the Wind: Across the Hemisphere with Migratory Birds. 


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Watching birds: not only fun, but good for you!

Learn why getting your daily dose of Ornitherapy is just what the doctor ordered….

Ornitherapy, or the mindful observation of birds, benefits our mind, body, and soul. We’re pushed and pulled in many directions, no matter our age. This can be tiresome; but if we allow birds and nature to slow us down, we are self-medicating. Research shows that exposure to nature actively reduces stress, depression, and anxiety, while helping build a stronger heart and immune system. Birds are gateways into deeper experiences with nature, magnifying these benefits. Through observation, we can learn not only about birds, but gain insight into our own lives while exploring our connection to the world around us. This fosters stewardship and bolsters conservation.


Within the program, we’ll delve into our connections to birds, how to practice Ornitherapy for optimal benefits, and learn about the latest research in the power of nature for overall wellbeing.

Join Wolfgang Fiedler from the Max Planck Institute of Animal Behavior and learn about how scientists track migratory animals using the newest technologies.

Join Ryan Pavlic from NASA and learn about their newest tracking technologies.

Experts will answer kids' submitted questions live

Acompáñanos en un recorrido que te enseñará a conocer, apreciar y valorar las aves que están a nuestro alrededor y así generar el compromiso de conservarlas.


We will hear from the team behind a ‘A Guide to the Birdsong’, an innovative project uniting the song of endangered birds with music. The series of regionally focussed albums aim to raise awareness about the situation of threatened species as well as raising funds for their protection. We will hear from Robin Perkins, the founder of the project, from Barrio Lindo and Di Laif, two of the participating artists and Lisa Sorensen from Birds Caribbean, one of the partners from volume II.

Global Birding is the brainchild of Tim Appleton. It is for all those involved in Birdwatching - from beginners to industry leaders. They wish to inspire others to enjoy our natural world and help raise funds for global bird conservation.

¿Cómo se relacionan la tecnología, las aves y las comunidades?

Cullen Hanks es un observador de aves y naturalista en general. Originario de Texas y actualmente vive en Ithaca, Nueva York, donde trabaja en el Cornell Lab of Ornithology como gerente de proyecto del equipo eBird.

How are technology, birds and communities related?

Cullen Hanks is a birder and general naturalist. Originally from Texas and currently live in Ithaca, NY where He work at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology as project manager of eBird !


Explore hummingbirds with this dynamic suite of presenters:


- 15:10 Susan Bonfield: Hummingbird Workshop Intro

- 15:15 Bill Hilton Jr.: The Ruby-Throated Hummingbird

- 15:35 Mary Reynolds: Creating Gardens for Wildlife 

- 15:55 Coro Arizmendi: Creating Gardens for Hummingbirds

- 16:15 Humberto Berlanga: Hummingbirds of Mexico

- 16:35 Christine Bishop: Hummingbirds and Pesticides

- 16:55 Tana Beasley: Hummingbird Banding in Arkansas

- 17:15 Lisa Tell: Threats to Hummingbirds and How to Help

- 17:35 Sarahy Contreras: Hummingbirds and Fire

Documental "Grandes Guerreros: Colibríes y Fuego"

Alberto Lobato y Rafael Calderón comparten su talento con la canción del DMAM 2021, inspirando nuestro amor por las aves

Alberto Lobato and Rafael Calderón share their talent with this WMBD 2021 song, inspiring our love for birds


A talk on shorebird migration in the East Asian-Australasian Flyway, a Pacific Rim bird migration flyway stretching from the southern coast of Alaska to the Taimyr Peninsula in Russia southward to encompass Australia and New Zealand.

Learn some basic sketching techniques from the talented Mexican biologist and artist Annamaría Savarino

Endemic birds who live in the Caribbean have to adapt to many challenges such as hurricanes and urban development in these small islands. Learn about the Caribbean Endemic Festival and how to get involved to help protect these amazing feathered creatures. 

Join us for an evening with John Marzluff and an opportunity to discuss his new book, In Search of Meadowlarks. 

In Search of Meadowlarks takes a personal approach to sustainable agriculture. He travels to farms and ranches, from Nebraska to California to Montana to Costa Rica, to understand the unique challenges and solutions to sustainable food production. 

About the author: John Marzluff studies how humans affect birds through habitat fragmentation and increased urganization, as well as the challenges of conserving birds on islands. Conversely, he is also interested in all the ways that birds affect people - how, for instance, birds influence art or language. 

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Join us for a day of learning about birds especially designed for youth, families, and schools. Presentations, Zoom-ba Like a Bird, quizzes, Stump the Experts, and more will bring birds to you!



Welcome to our Youth, Families, and Schools Day. We'll orient you to our activities for the day.

Flying like a bird! On a plane with Venezuelan pilot Bryzz Rodriguez.

Learn a little bird behavior and put it into action. Get ready to move with our World Migratory Bird Day Caribbean Coordinator, Laura Baboolal.

Stinky is a model cat who never heads outdoors without his leash, and of course, his person. Learn about cats, their impacts on birds, and how you can help.

Learn about a unique gull that lives in Argentina.


This session is recommended for K-3.



Meet a Turkey Vulture up close and personal and learn about its peculiar ability to smell and find carrion.

Recommended for all ages.

PÚBLICO: Nivel primaria.

SECCIÓN: Taller para niños y niñas.  


TÍTULO DEL TALLER: “¿Para qué sirven las plumas?”.

FACILITADOR: Adrián Gutiérrez Pérez integrante de Siruki Educación Ambiental, A.C. y Coordinador Voluntario de PAU Morelia, Michoacán, México.



Conocer cinco funciones de las plumas en las aves.

Diseñar una pluma de papel.



Una hoja tamaño carta de papel de color



Colores o crayolas al gusto

Take a little bird walk and learn to identify some birds along the way. We'll give some easy tips to get you started.

Recommended for all ages.

Compete for fun prizes during this bird quiz. We'll post the link to join before the session. You may compete individually, as a family, as a class, or as a school. 

Have some fun with numbers as we explore how far, or how little, birds migrate, how many birds might flock together, how high some go, and more. 

Recommended for all ages, though older participants will have a better understanding of the numbers!

Learn a little bird behavior and put it into action. Get ready to move with our World Migratory Bird Day Caribbean Coordinator, Laura Baboolal.

Aliya will be sharing the books created to introduce children & adults, particularly in the Caribbean about birds; birds they can find in their own backyard, birds that can only be found in the region and how they can help birds through simple everyday actions. 

Aliya compartirá los libros creados para presentar a niños y adultos, particularmente en el Caribe, sobre aves; aves que pueden encontrar en su propio patio trasero, aves que solo se pueden encontrar en la región y cómo pueden ayudar a las aves a través de simples acciones cotidianas.


Compete for fun prizes during this bird quiz. We'll post the link to join before the session. You may compete individually, as a family, as a class, or as a school. 

Join Fiona and learn how to observe and draw birds. Come prepared with your art materials. All you need is paper and pencil, colored pencils, watercolor, or crayons.

Give your voice for migratory waterbirds! Join the first ever World Migratory Bird Day Choir. In just a few steps you can be part of this global event. Presented by the East Asian-Australasian Flyway Partnership, the Bowerbird Collective, and all of you.


Go to to learn more.


Highlighting Eve Orenstein, Mezzo Soprano Opera singer



11:40-11:45: Youth Forum Introduction

11:45-11:55: Isaiah (Ike) Scott; avid birder, artist, bird guide

11:55-12:05: Adam Dhalla; creator of digital game “Find the Birds”

12:05-12:15: Louis Phipps; musical artist (“Hawk”, original song)


12:15-12:20: Shorebird Stopover Sites/Pacific Flyway: Introduction

12:20-12:40: Stopover Site 1: Panama Bay, Panama (Rosabel Miró)

12:40-1:00: Stopover Site 2: Sinaloa, México (Juanita Fonseca)

1:00-1:20: Stopover Site 3: Baja California, México (Abril Heredia)

1:20-1:40: Stopover Site 4: Humboldt Bay, California (Mark Colwell)

1:40-2:00: Stopover Site 5: Fraser Estuary, Canada (James Casey)

2:00-2:20: Stopover Site 6: Cooper River, Alaska (Erin Cooper)

Learn about some of the Diversity Internship Programs managed by Environment for the Americas. These internship programs provide opportunities for racially/ethnically diverse youth to become involved in science and natural resources careers.

Aprendamos sobre los sonidos de las aves durante su migración nocturna en un sítio de la Ciudad de México

In late 2019, Lafayette was designated Colorado’s first “Bird City.”  After a Covid-delay, the city will now publicly celebrate this achievement and place a beautiful Bird City sign at Greenlee Wildlife Preserve Open Space (and, later, along roads leading into Lafayette).  Be a part of activities celebrating this designation and learning about birds.

A short ceremony associated with the placement of the sign at Greenlee Wildlife Preserve will be held as part of this event, 1:30-2:00pm.  We will hear short reflections about the significance of the Bird City designation and the Greenlee Wildlife Preserve area from: Ted Floyd, Author of The Smithsonian Field Guide to the Birds of North America, and Lafayette Resident as well as representatives from Lafayette’s Open Space and Cultural Arts Departments and the Lafayette Energy Sustainability Advisory Committee.

The Migratory Bird Poetry competition winners will present their poems (English and Spanish)

4:10-4:15 Shorebird Stopover Sites/Atlantic Flyway: Introduction

4:15-4:30 Stopover Site 1: Tierra del Fuego, Chile (Centro Bahía Lomas) 

4:30-4:45 Stopover Site 2: Península Valdés, Argentina (Soledad Diaz Ovejero y Luis Oscar Bala)

4:45-5:00 Stopover Site 3: Laguna de Rocha, Uruguay (Agustina Medina)

5:00-5:15 Stopover Site 4: Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil (Eloir Silva) 

5:15-5:30: Stopover Site 5: Venezuelan Caribbean Coast (Sandra Giner)

5:30-5:45: Stopover Site 6: Delaware Bay, United States (Laura Chamberlain)

5:45-6:00:Question to the presenters

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