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Keep children entertained with our kid-friendly sessions, from story times to movies to a costume competition.

Spanish sessions

Spanish speaking communities are a huge part of the Bird Day tradition. That's why we have a variety of sessions in Spanish.


Workout your brain with our interactive quizzes.


After a day of engaging sessions, sit back and unwind with our bird-related movies.

World Migratory Bird Day (WMBD) is a global event that celebrates the phenomenon of bird migrations and serves as a call to action to protect the birds we share. Environment for the Americas organizes WMBD in the Americas, connecting people to bird conservation from Canada to Argentina and the Caribbean. WMBD is officially celebrated on the second Saturday in May (May 9, 2020) and the second Saturday in October each year (October 11, 2020). Because of the nature of bird migrations, however, on-the-ground events take place year-round. Every Day is Bird Day!

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Featured Sessions

Skatebirder David Mull combines his passion for skateboarding with his keen birdwatching skills. Guido Berguido Guido Berguido is a certified bird guide, a field researcher, and an amazing educator. Join him in Panama's tropical rainforest. Jeff & Paige Jeff and Paige bring science and nature to life through kid-delighting music and stories. Wenfei Tong Wenfei began watching birds at age 12 in Singapore and her fascination has traveled with her around the globe. Miguel Matta Miguel will test your bird knowledge in a series of quizzes to air on May 9th. Get ready!
The Festival Schedule

All times are in Eastern Time (ET)

Join us for the first day of World Migratory Bird Day LIVE! We start the day in Costa Rica with presentations from our partners. 

Vanessa Fallas of the organization Guaravito will share the increase of forests in Costa Rica, as other Central American countries are losing forests. 

Learn about some of the factors that impact birds and how you can help to protect them along the way. 

Wetland habitats are important to migratory birds. Lilliam shares how her community works to protect and maintain them to protect migratory and resident birds. 

Join youth from across the Western Hemisphere to learn about how the next generation is learning about birds and working to protect them.

This film recounts the results of a series of investigations related to fire and hummingbirds at the Las Joyas Scientific Station, a natural site that is part of the Sierra de Manantlán Biosphere Reserve.


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Aves Uruguay works to protect migratory shorebirds in the Laguna de Rocha, an Important Bird Area. Join us for insights into their efforts. 

Join artist Christine Elder in drawing and sketching the Northern Pintail, a World Migratory Bird Day focal species.

Emy Peña shares a story from Panama, "The Enchanted Lagoon." This presentation will be in Spanish.

Experts from the Caribbean present about key conservation issues on the islands, from storms and the illegal pet trade to loss of habitat. 

By day, Dr. Oscar Cardenas is a professor. By night, he is a DJ who spreads the word about science, birds, and conservation with the public. 

Environment for the Americas and Optics for the Tropics contribute binoculars to biologists and educators who host World Migratory Bird Day events. Caribbean Coordinator Sheylda Diaz will announce the 2020 recipients. 

Join us a for a discussion about Audrey Peterman's book, "From My Jamaican Gully to the World." “From My Jamaican Gully and the World” This book is a story of childhood wonder and grown-up discovery of adventure in love and nature. Mrs. Peterman traces her passion for the beauty of natural places and the environment back to her gully in Jamaica where she spent countless hours playing with friends, watching the janga fish and bobbing for mangoes floating downstream.

Purchase your book in paperback or for kindle on Amazon.  


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Programa de Aves Urbanas (PAU) is a successful network of educators. They will present activities and information all day. Travel across the country with them and meet PAU coordinators!


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Guido Berguido of Adopta Bosque in Panama works with nontraditional audiences and under resourced youth and families in Panama. Guido will share tips for bird watching and walk us through his backyard in beautiful Gamboa, Panama, while talking about the migratory birds that have passed through the Panamanian rainforest on the way to their breeding grounds.

10:20 - 10:35 - English

10:35 - 10:50 - Spanish

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Join us for the first quiz of the day!

Meet young people ages 8 - 18 years of age who are passionate about birds, birdwatching, and bird conservation. 

Daniela Souza, Mexico's World Migratory Bird Day Coordinator, will announce the recipients of PAU and Environment for the Americas' Outstanding Educator Awards. Each recipient will receive binoculars, contributed by Optics for the Tropics.


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El Día Mundial de Aves Migratorias a través del Programa de Aves Urbanas

¿Comó puedo celebrar el DMAM desde mi casa? 

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Martín Lopez is a researcher in western Mexico. He will lead a bird walk in the mountains of Jalisco, Mexico. 


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Learn about the Calliope Hummingbird from Dr. Sarahy Contreras, a researcher from the University of Guadalajara-CUCSUR in Autlán, Jalisco, Mexico. This video is presented in Spanish with English subtitles. 

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Join the staff of Environment for the Americas as we open the "official" fall celebration of World Migratory Bird Day!

English, Spanish, and French

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Our Youth Forum introduces some of the young people who are working across the flyways to raise awareness of birds, birding, and bird conservation. Meet participants from across the Americas Flyways!

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Spanish and English

Meet Noemí Moreno of Audubon Colombia. She will discuss the conservation of birds through tourism. 


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Guido Berguido, Director and Founder of the conservation organization Adopta Bosque in Panama, will announce the recipients of Optics for the Tropics binoculars for their work promoting migratory bird conservation through World Migratory Bird Day.

English and Spanish

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Julio Ariel Milat of the Muséo Ornitológico de Berisso in Argentina studies migratory shorebirds in Argentina and will discuss the threats to shorebirds.


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Meet artist Jorge Coll of Venezuela and learn about his bird art. 


Dr. Lisa Sorenson, Director of BirdsCaribbean, will share information about migratory birds and their conservation across the Caribbean. 


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Fabiola Favela is the Coordinator of Amigos Alados, a dynamic program that connects youth in Mexico with students in the United States in a study of birds and bird conservation. Learn how the program works and its successes. 



Learn how to protect migratory birds at home and in your community. 

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Citizen science in Costa Rica helps to protect rivers and their surrounding habitats, helping provide safe places for resident and migratory birds. This is an active, community conservation project.

Meet experts in bird tracking from across the Americas and learn how the information they gather informs and benefits bird conservation. We will focus on some of our 2020 World Migratory Bird Day bird species, such as the Purple Martin, Calliope Hummingbird, and American Kestrel.

English and Spanish

Meet Gavi the Gull through this tale of Argentina's crab eating gull. Ana Santander is an educator with the non-profit organization Huerto los Ayamanes. 

Learn some tips for identifying some of the most difficult migratory shorebirds. This workshop will be led by Priscila Pellissier, the Education Director of Playeras de Péru.

Sherrie York developed the art for World Migratory Bird Day 2020. We thank her for her contribution to our activities this year!

Dr. Alex Jahn will share his 20 years of research on migratory birds and how birds connect our world's ecosystems. 

Miguel Matta, the World Migratory Bird Day Latin America Coordinator, and Joni Ellis, Founder and Director of Optics for the Tropics, will announce the South American recipients of our annual World Migratory Bird Day recognition. 

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A big thank you to all who have participated in World Migratory Bird Day 2020!

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Sonoran Joint Venture
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Fundación de Parques y Museos de Cozumel
Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network (WHSRN)
Kansas Wetlands Education Center
Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network
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Science and Perspective
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